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Bridging the gap between a creative agency and a technical production supplier.

Strategy | Design | Fabrication | Production | Asset Management | Talent | Virtual | Events

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We create bold and innovative experiences with a focus on positivity, creativity, ambition and innovation.

Servicing brands, agencies and events: Creation is a full service strategic, technical and design driven events group managing projects from concept through to delivery.

With a passion for design, and experience at the highest level, our expertise lies in the live, retail and experiential worlds. We scale to work with a range of clients, from large multinational corporations to smaller boutique and independent teams.

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Creating honest and culturally relevant strategies with clear and deliverable goals.

We bring a wealth of experience to clients wishing to elevate their experience and activation strategy, through formulating and executing strategies that enhance brand identity and meet KPI’s.

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We strive to experiment, evolve and push design to the limits, whilst achieving compliant and functional projects.

We work in 2D, 3D, VR, AR and MR to ensure all elements of a project are realised and strategic goals achievable before a project leaves for fabrication.

Working across a range of digital design platforms including Vectorworks, SketchUp, AutoCad, Adobe Suite, Capture and V-Ray we align with existing client design workflows to deliver forward thinking and functionally robust solutions.

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Fabrication of highly functional, durable, compliant and design lead assets and set.

Our team possesses a wealth of knowledge around how and why to apply the relevant techniques and materials to projects in order to achieve the optimum output, bringing even the most complex of designs to life in a cost effective and compliant manner.

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Creative technical production is our heritage and has underpinned our reputation since inception.

From small concerts to large scale festivals, fashion shows, tours and corporate events, we offer an expansive stock of sound, light, video, power, rigging and SFX equipment that can be supplied in isolation or be integrated into projects by our experienced team.

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Live music, sport, fashion and film are the foundations of our industry and procuring the correct, most culturally relevant talent is paramount.

We work alongside a tight knit network to curate and deliver the most current talent across a wide range of events and demographics.

We work globally, consulting with, booking and managing some of the most high profile talent in the world offering an end to end, 360 degree service to all sub-sectors of the industry.

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Asset Mgmt

A 360° solution for all brand assets offering storage, servicing and logistics services.

At our core sits a dedicated logistics network with a number of storage facilities, totalling over 30,000 sq ft of space, allowing us to store, tour and service a wealth of assets for a wide variety of clients.

Integrated into this service is a bespoke client facing cloud based asset management portal, offering real time 24/7 visibility on asset whereabouts and availability.

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A virtual and digital event offering that has grown from experience with corporate, music and eSports clients.

We offer a detailed knowledge and strong track record in a fast and evolving sector, offering the infrastructure, digital platforms and advice to ensure a successful event, alongside the ability to create, source and deliver original and engaging content.

Working with existing platforms and concepts, or via our own strategy, we facilitate webinars, live streams and product launches as well as creating complex virtual environments including customised ticketing solutions and customer facing digital integrations.

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A highly skilled, experienced and diverse range of staff from all corners of the industry.

The correct staff and representatives are key to ensuring a successful and on-brand event or activation. We work with hand picked individuals providing a seamless extension to a clients team.

From specialist mixologists and brand representatives to technical crew we provide a full 360° staffing fulfilment.

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A showcase of content from a range of projects we are currently working on, or have previously been involved in.

Our social channels and projects portfolio provide a current glimpse on life at Creation.

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Working with a wide and diverse set of clients allows us to evolve both Creation, and our clients visions.

By fostering direct and honest relationships, our team draw on all pillars of the industry to provide a knowledgeable, experienced and reliable point of contact for clients.