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Casa Bacardi

Bacardi Martini

Casa Bacardi is an inviting, inclusive and high energy space encouraging us all to ‘Do What Moves You’.

A cuban courtyard and ‘Casa’ has been brought to life utilising 11 shipping containers and three flat racks. It includes over 25m of bar space, a DJ, two floors, terraces, aircon units and several neons.

Touring until at least the end of 2024, Casa Bacardi requires an 80t crane, 11 artics and over 60 crew to build and operate. Creation and our team of partners are very proud to deliver this and can’t wait to see it in action again.

Client: Bacardi

Promoter: Live Nation & Parklife

Concepting, Design, Project Management, Technical Production, Branding, Decor: Creation Group

Bar Operation & Drinks Development: Mix Global

Strategy: Wasserman

Technical Design, Fabrication: Spacial Installations

Substructure: Five Star Projects

Structural Engineering: Momentum


  • Design
  • Talent
  • Production
  • Events
  • Asset Management


Various, UK

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